Songs Of The Day 2007

Auld Lang Syne” by Eddi Reader (444 – From Auld Lang Syne)
Bring On The Dancing Horses” by Echo & The Bunnymen (443 – Bring On The Dancing Horses)
Gorgeous George” by Edwyn Collins (442 – Saint George’s Church in Sternberg)
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan (441 – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door)
Round The Bend” by Beck (440 – Round The Bend)
Look Out For My Love” by Neil Young (439 – The Lookout)
“Nowhere” by Giant Sand (438 – Nowhere)
The Woods And The Rivers Are Silent” by The Mediæval Bæbes (437 – The Woods And The Rivers Are Silent)
Yes, The River Knows” by The Doors (436 – Yes, The River Knows)
“I Can See The Sun In Late December” by Roberta Flack (435 – I Can See The Sun In Late December)
Coolsville” by Laurie Anderson (434 – Coolsville)
“Out Of This World” by Edwyn Collins (433 – Out Of This World)
Hit The Road To Dreamland” by Dr. John (432 – Hit The Road To Dreamland)
I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Holly Cole (431 – They’ll Be Home For Christmas?)
Safe European Home” by The Clash (430 – Safe European Home)
Winterlude” by Bob Dylan (429 – The End Of An Interlude)
“Funnybird Song” by Carla Bley (428 – A Funny Bird)
Traintime” by Cream (427 – Traintime)
Moon Over Bourbon Street” by Sting (426 – Moon Over Bourbon Street)
Too Many Fish In The Sea” by The Commitments (425 – Michael and the Happy Fish)
Let’s Get High” by Lenny Kravitz (424 – Let’s Get High)
Brand New Car” by The Rolling Stones (423 – Brand New Car)
“Rainy Day” by John Lee Hooker / Van Morrison (422 – Rainy Day)
Lonely House” by Betty Carter (421 – Lonely House)
Until The Real Thing Comes Along” by Mary Coughlan (420 – Until The Real Thing Comes Along)
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine” by Bob Dylan (419 – Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine)
“Boredom” by The Lovin’ Spoonful (418 – All Work And No Play)
An Unexpected Rain” by Melissa Etheridge (417 – An Unexpected Rain)
Castles In The Air” by Don McLean (416 – Castles In The Air)
“Living In The Fast Lane” by Hans Theessink (415 – Living In The Fast Lane)
“Rough House Blues” by Fletcher Henderson (414 – Rough House)
“When Lights Are Low” by Roberta Gambarini (413 – When Lights Are Low)
“Blow Wind Blow” by Dr. John (412 – Blow Wind Blow)
The Beat Of The Night” by Bob Geldof (411 – The Beat Of The Night)
New Star In The Sky” by Air (410 – New Stars In The Sky)
Notes From The Underground” by The Manhattan Transfer (409 – From The Underground)
Anything Goes” by Helen Hobson (408 – Anything Goes)
Chance Meeting” by Roxy Music (407 – Chance Meeting)
Silly Thing” by the Sex Pistols (406 – He’s Right But He Can’t Spell)
“Those Lonely Lonely Nights” by Dr. John (405 – Those Lonely Lonely Nights)
Someone To Watch Over Me” by Ella Fitzgerald (404 – Someone To Watch Over Me)
Trouble Loves Me” by Morrissey (403 – Cheap Escapes)
Charleston Alley” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (402 – Charleston Alley)
“Off Color” by The Microscopic Septet (401 – Off Color)
“Oh, How The Ghost Sings” by Lester Bowie (400 – Oh, How The Ghost Sings)
Amid the Falling Snow” by Enya (399 – Amid the Falling Snow)
“Where Water Flows” by Calexico (398 – Where Water Flows)
One Step Too Far” by Faithless and Dido (397 – One Step Too Far?)
Christmas Time Is Here” by Holly Cole (396 – Christmas Time Is Here (Sort Of))
“Warrior” by Réjane Magloire (395 – The Warrior)
Evening Song” by Jon Lord and Sam Brown (394 – Evening)
Door Peep” by Sinéad O’Connor (392 – Door Peep Shall Not Enter)
Dark Road” by Annie Lennox (391 – A Dark Way Leads To My House)
Telephone Call From Istanbul” by Tom Waits (390 – Telephone Call From Istanbul)
“Exposition” by Deep Purple (389 – Exposition)
Not Dark Yet” by Bob Dylan (388 – Not Dark Yet)
Going up the country” by Spider Murphy Gang (387 – Going up the country)
That’s Me” by Paul Simon (386 – That’s Me)
“The Flame Will Never Die” by Beausoleil (385 – The Flame Will Never Die)
When The Sun Comes Out” by Judy Garland (384 – When The Sun Comes Out)
“Right Tool For The Job” by Marcia Ball (383 – Fog Creeping)
Things Have Changed” by Barb Jungr (382 – Things Have Changed)
Symphony in Blue” by Kate Bush (381 – Symphony in Blue)
Lilies Of The Valley” by David Byrne (380 – Lily Of The Morning)
Pieces Of Sky” by Beth Orton (379 – Pieces Of Sky)
Dazed And Confused” by Led Zeppelin (378 – Dazed And Confused)
Hallelujah” by Nick Cave (377 – I Should Have Taken It As A Warning)
Small Change” by Tom Waits (376 – At First They Didn’t Even Notice)
Shock in my Town” by Franco Battiato (375 – The Vanishing)
Fado Curvo” by Mariza (374 – Paixão não é linha recta)
As Time Goes By” by Mísia (373 – As Time Goes By)
“First Snow In Kokomo” by Aretha Franklin (372 – The First Snow)
Pretty Vacant” by The Sex Pistols (371 – Pretty Vacant)
“All Through The Night” by Charlie Haden (370 – Off Into The Night)
Keep Young And Beautiful” by Annie Lennox (369 – Keep Young And Beautiful)
“Downtown Train” by Spring String Quartet (368 – Downtown Train)
Between the Bars” by Madeleine Peyroux (367 – Between the Bars)
Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder (366 – Happy Birthday)
Common as Muck” by Ian Dury (365 – Special as Muck)
Style” by De-Phazz (363 – Have I Got Style?)
Fashion Victim” by Green Day (362 – Fashion Victim)
Good Morning, Good Morning” by The Beatles (361 – Good Morning)
Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere” by Nick Cave (360 – Where Do We Go But Nowhere)
If It’s Magic” by Stevie Wonder (359 – The Magic Cloud)
She’s So Modern” by The Boomtown Rats (358 – She’s So Modern)
That Train Don’t Stop Here” by Los Lobos (357 – On the Train)
Mrs. Bartolozzi” by Kate Bush (356 – My Beautiful Laundrette)
“I’m Goin Home” by Dr. John (355 – I’m Going Home)
Don’t” by Elvis Presley (354 – Don’t Even Think About It)
“Silence” by Charlie Haden, Egberto Gismonti and Jan Garbarek (353 – Silence)
“Kentucky Wild Flower” by Jay Leonhart (352 – Wild Flowers)
The Moon Is Mine“, by Fairground Attraction (351 – The Moon Is Mine)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Eric Clapton (350 – This Is Not Kansas)
Detour Ahead” by Mary Coughlan (349 – Detour Ahead)
“The House Is Haunted by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye” by Holly Cole (348 – The Haunted House)
Always The Sun” by The Stranglers (347 – Always The Sun)
“Song For The Earth” by Giora Feidman (346 – Song of the Earth)
When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky” by Bob Dylan (345 – When The Night Comes Falling From The …)
Summer’s Almost Gone” by The Doors (344 – Summer’s Almost Gone)
Chica Bonita” by Shaggy (343 – Chica Bonita)
The Needle And The Damage Done” by Neil Young (342 – The Needle)
Get on the Right Track Baby” by Ray Charles (341 – The Right Track (Or Is It Left?))
Carry That Weight” by The Beatles (340 – Carry That Weight)
Glass Window” by Mediæval Bæbes (339 – Lights in my Backyard)
Walk Straight Down The Middle” by Kate Bush (338 – Landscape Woes)
“Tree” by Stevie Wonder (337 – The Other Tree)
Split Decision” by Natalie Cole / “Up In The Sky” by Oasis (336 – Split Decision / Up In The Sky)
Mean Red Spider” by Muddy Waters (335 – The Red Spider)
Don’t Look Back” by John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison (334 – Don’t Look Back)
“Fire Department Blues” by Sleepy John Estes (333 – This Place Won’t Burn!)
Never Stop” by Echo & the Bunnymen (332 – Never Stop)
Let It Shine” by Zucchero (331 – Let It Shine)
The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again” by Ray Charles (330 – The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again)
Fairground Attraction” by Fairground Attraction (329 – Fairground Attraction)
Waiting” by Green Day (328 – Waiting)
Born Under A Bad Sign” by The Cream (327 – Under a Bad Sign)
Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones (326 – I See A Red Door)
The Closing of the Doors” by Róisín Murphy (325 – The Closed Door)
The Fog” by Kate Bush (324 – Frivolously Searching For Fog)
Living In The Past” by Jethro Tull (323 – Living In The Past)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” by Anita O’Day (322 – Is It Is Or Is It Ain’t The Image)
Midnight’s Knock Out” by Paolo Conte (321 – Midnight Walk)
Night Lights” by Nat King Cole (320 – Night Lights)
Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll: Too Young To Die” by Jethro Tull (319 – The Old House)
Gracias a la vida” by Joan Baez (318 – Gracias A La Vida)
“The First Garden” by Stevie Wonder (317 – The First Garden)
Before The Beginning” by Fleetwood Mac (316 – Before the Concert)
La torre di babele” by Edoardo Bennato (315 – The Towers of Babylon)
“Revenge Of The Flowers” by Malcolm McLaren and Françoise Hardy (314 – Revenge Of The Flowers)
From Four Until Late” by Peter Green with Nigel Watson and the Splinter Group (313 – Feel the Glow)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street” by Roberta Gambarini (312 – Back to the Sunny Side)
Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda” by Les Arts Florissants (311 – Il Combattimento)
The Morning Fog” by Kate Bush (310 – The Morning Fog)
Una Giornata Al Mare” by Paolo Conte (309 – Una Giornata Al Mare)
Work Song” by Nina Simone (308 – Working And Working, But Still So Terribly Far To Go)
This Song Has No Title” by Elton John (307 – This Image Has No Title)
Rock Of Gibraltar” by Nick Cave (306 – The Rock That Would Never Falter)
“Scene Of The Crime” by Marcia Ball (305 – The Scene Of The Crime)
“I’m Coming Down With The Blues” by Marcia Ball (304 – I’m Coming Down With The Blues)
(There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)” by Gary Brooker (303 – Peace In The Valley)
China” by Tori Amos (302 – A Rainy Day in China)
Purple Avenue” by Holly Cole (301 – On Purple Avenue)
“You Ain’t Such A Much” by Dr. John (300 – Such A Much)
Re-make / Re-model” by Roxy Music (299 – Re-make / Re-model)
The Secret Life Of Plants” by Stevie Wonder (298 – The Secret Life Of Plants)
You Know I Couldn’t Last” by Morrissey (297 – You Know I Couldn’t Last)
20 Years Too Late” by Edwyn Collins (296 – Twenty)
Long Way Home” by Tom Waits (295 – The Long Way)
How’s It Gonna End” by Tom Waits (294 – How’s It Gonna End)
“Count the Days” by Marcia Ball (293 – Count the Days)
Strange Phenomena” by Kate Bush (292 – Strange Phenomena)
Cold Irons Bound” by Bob Dylan (291 – Cold Irons Bound)
Here We Go Again” by Ray Charles and Norah Jones (290 – Back in Town Again)
Words (Between The Lines Of Age)” by Neil Young (289 – Between the Lines of Age)
Death Or Glory” by The Clash (288 – The Angel of Death)
Watching The Detectives” by Elvis Costello (287 – The Watcher)
Break On Through (To The Other Side)” by The Doors (286 – The Other Side)
I Walk Alone” by Sophie B. Hawkins (284 – Walking Alone)
“Rainy Day” by John Lee Hooker (283 – Rainy Day)
“Quand II Pleut (Stormy Weather)” by The Comedian Harmonists (282 – Before the Storm)
Come Il Sole All’Improvviso” by Zucchero Fornaciari (281 – Come Il Sole All’Improvviso)
Sitting on a Fence” by The Housemartins (280 – Sitting on a Fence)
Steady Rollin’ Man” by Eric Clapton (279 – Steady Rollin’)
I’m a King Bee” by The Rolling Stones (278 – Be My Bumble Bee)
Glass, Concrete and Stone” by David Byrne (277 – Glass, Concrete and Stone)
Heat Wave” by Holly Cole (276 – Heat Wave)
Country Trash” by Johnny Cash (275 – Life in the Country)
At Sundown” by Betty Carter (274 – At Sundown)
Fast Train” by Solomon Burke (273 – Movin’ on a Fast Train)
La Flor Azul” by Mercedes Sosa (272 – La Flor Azul)
Night Lights” by Nat King Cole (271 – Night Lights)
Moody Blue” by Elvis Presley (270 – Moody Blue)
Gates To The Garden” by Nick Cave (269 – Gates to the Garden)
“Fly on the Wall” by Marcia Ball (268 – Fly On The Wall)
Guillaume De Machaut’s “Messe de Notre Dame” by The Hilliard Ensemble (267 – Gloria)
Summertime” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (266 – Summertime)
The Morning Papers” by Prince (265 – As I Went Out For The Morning Papers)
Snow in July” by Dakota Moon (264 – Snow in July)
Everytime We Say Goodbye” by John Coltrane (263 – Say Goodbye)
“Spider Crawl” by The Rhythmakers (262 – This Land Is Not Our Land)
When The Ship Comes In” by Bob Dylan (261 – The Hour When The Ships Come In)
“Keep Stepping” by Moloko (259 – Keep Stepping)
Headed In The Right Direction” by India Arie (258 – Headed In The Right Direction)
River of Dreams” by Billy Joel (257 – River of Dreams)
You Better Move On” by Willy DeVille (256 – Moving On)
Vereda Tropical” by Carlos Santana (255 – Vereda Tropical)
Waiting For A Train” by Dr. John (254 – Waiting For A Train)
If There Is Something” by Roxy Music (253 – If There Is Something)
What You Do With What You’ve Got” by Eddi Reader (252 – What You Do With What You’ve Got)
That Old Black Magic” by Ella Fitzgerald (251 – That Old Black Magic)
“Reflections Of My Life” by Kevin Rowland (250 – Reflections of my Life)
Ridin’ High” by Ella Fitzgerald (249 – Ridin’ High)
My Heart Belongs To Daddy” by Lisa Ekdahl (248 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy)
The New Cobweb Summer” by Lambchop (247 – Cobweb Summer)
Useless Landscape” by Betty Carter (246 – Useless Landscape)
Walk Don’t Walk” by Prince (245 – Walk, Don’t Walk)
Easy Ride” by The Doors (244 – Easy Ride)
Evening Shadows” by Van Morrison (243 – Evening Shadows)
Let it Bleed” by The Rolling Stones (242 – We All Need Someone We Can Lean On)
“The Swimming Song” by Eddi Reader (241 – The Swimmer)
Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Roberta Flack (240 – Bridge Over Still Water)
To Me You Are A Work Of Art” by Morrissey (239 – The Art Pavilion at the Abbey)
“Das Lied vom Idealen Park” by André Heller (238 – The Ideal Park)
“In The Fields” by Sara Hickman (237 – In the Fields)
The Thin Line Between Love And Hate” by Annie Lennox (236 – The Line Between Love and Hate)
Hammer Horror” by Kate Bush (235 – Hammer Horror)
Mad, Mad Moonlight” by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (234 – We Hide Behind Walls of Madness)
“Hot Nuts” by the Washboard Rhythm Kings (233 – I’m Goin’ Nuts)
Rainy Night In Georgia” by Randy Crawford (232 – The Evening After the Rain)
Up So Close” by Cake (231 – Up so Close)
“Hanging Around” by Marla Glen (230 – Hanging Around)
“Feelin’ That Glow” by Roberta Flack (229 – Feelin’ That Glow)
Try A Little Tenderness” by The Commitments (228 – Try a Little Tenderness)
Lost in the Stars” by Dee Dee Bridgewater (227 – Lost in the Stars)
“Paixões diagonais” by Mísia (226 – Paixões diagonais)
The Tower” by Chris De Burgh (225 – Baroque Splendor)
“My Land Is Too Green” by Mary Coughlan (224 – Under a Green Ceiling)
“How Come My Dog Don’t Bark (When You Come Around)?” by Dr. John (223 – How Many Colors Has a Bicycle?)
Two Of Us” by The Beatles (222 – Two Of Us)
Such a Night” by Dr. John (221 – Sweet Confusion Under the Moonlight)
People Are Strange” by The Doors (220 – People Are Strange)
Sunday Sun” by Beck (219 – Sunday Sun)
“Song Of The Jungle Stream” by Carla Bley (218 – Yellow Jungle)
“Popity Pop” by Lambert, Hendricks’ & Ross (217 – The Poppies)
Viva l’Italia” by Francesco De Gregori (216 – Viva Italia (or Hungary?))
All The King’s Horses” by Aretha Franklin (215 – I’ve Got a C3P0 Now)
Fiesta in Blue” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (214 – Fiesta in Blue)
Night Time Is The Right Time” by Aretha Franklin (213 – Night Time Is The Right Time)
I Saved the World Today” by The Eurythmics (212 – I Saved the World Today)
Rains On Me” by Tom Waits (211 – Rains on Me)
Fallen Leaves” by Norma Waterson (210 – Leaf in the Fountain)
In Liquid Days” by Philip Glass (209 – Liquid Days)
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel (208 – Gerhard)
We’re All Light” by XTC (207 – We’re All Light)
Days of ’49” by Bob Dylan (206 – 49 & 50)
(Nothing But) Flowers” by The Talking Heads (205 – Spring Flowers)
Come Rain or Come Shine” by B.B. King and Eric Clapton (204 – After the Rain)
Purple Rain” by Bob Belden and Holly Cole (203 – Purple Beauty)
Stars Fell On Alabama” by Anita O’Day (202 – The Stars are Falling)
Take Me To The Water” by Nina Simone (201 – Take Me To The Water)
“Pray!” by Apocalyptica (200 – Pray!)
I Can See Clearly Now” by Holly Cole (199 – I Can See Clearly Now)
So Tired” by Eric Clapton (198 – So Tired)
“Allah” by Youssou N’Dour (197 – Standing in the Garden, Watching the Sundown…)
Under the Red Sky” by Bob Dylan (196 – Under the Red Sky)
Mountain Greenery” by Mel Tormé (195 – Mountain Greenery)
All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan (194 – At the Base of the Tower)
It’s a Green Dream” by Paolo Conte (193 – It’s a Green Dream)
Relax” by Edoardo Bennato (192 – Sit Down, Relax!!)
“Alley Cat Song” by Holly Cole (191 – Willing, But Not For Long)
Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” by Bob Dylan (190 – Between Heaven and Earth)
Lonely Stranger” by Eric Clapton (189 – Lonely Stranger)
Walk on By” by Cake (188 – Walk on By)
“Blue Again” by The Manhattan Transfer (187 – Blue Again)
What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?” by Anita O’Day (186 – Morning Glory)
Longer Boats” by Cat Stevens (185 – Longer Boats)
The Long Honeymoon” by Mary Coughlan (184 – Honey Bee)
Dandelion Blues” by The Incredible String Band (183 – Dandelion Blues)
People Get Ready” by The Blind Boys of Alabama (182 – The Other World)
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” by Louis Armstrong (181 – Got Love?)
“Shine” by Randy Crawford (180 – Pure Gold)
Streetlife Serenader” by Billy Joel (179 – Sitting in the Sun, Drinking a Beer)
I Cover the Waterfront” by Mary Coughlan (178 – I Cover the Waterfront)
Santa Maria, Strela do dia” from the Cantigas de Santa Maria (177 – The Virgin on a Spruce)
Embraceable You” by Hansi Lang (176 – The Embrace)
Passe le Temps (As Time Goes By)” by Souad Massi (175 – Passe le Temps)
“The Emperor” by Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy (174 – Rescue of an Emperor)
“La Nuit De Clifton Chenier” by Beausoleil (173 – Night Walk)
Sing Joy Spring” by The Manhattan Transfer (172 – Trembling with Joy)
Come Together” by The Beatles (171 – Come Together)
“Who Will Rescue You?” by Carla Bley (170 – The Lone Candle)
The Mercy Seat” by Nick Cave (169 – The Red Bench)
“Something Beautiful Dying” by Mink DeVille (168 – Something Beautiful Dying)
Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise” by Helen Merrill (167 – Ten Minutes Before Sunrise)
Writing On The Wall” by Hazel O’Connor (166 – Glyphs)
One Time At Sundown” by Tom Verlaine (164 – I Remember Croatia)
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence” by Procol Harum (163 – Through the Garden Fence)
Sweethearts Together” by The Rolling Stones (162 – Sweethearts Together)
Mellow Yellow” by Donovan (161 – Shades of Yellow)
“The Flu” by Karen Mantler (160 – Flowers in the Patio)
I Want To Be Straight” by Ian Dury and The Blockheads (159 – The Prospect)
I Used To Be Color Blind” by Anita O’Day (158 – Things as They Really Are)
Happy Feet, Musica Per I Vostri Piedi, Madame” by Paolo Conte (157 – Happy Feet)
“Rain and Snow” by The Chieftains (156 – Expecting Snow)
“O death, where is thy sting?” by George Frideric Handel (155 – From Distant Past)
In the Heart of the City” by Willy DeVille (154 – The Triumph of Parliamentarism)
Walk Of Life” by The Dire Straits (153 – Passage)
“Rusty Dusty Blues” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (152 – Rusty Dusty Blues)
Me and My Shadow” by Robbie Williams (150 – Uncool Shadows)
You Can Never Hold Back Spring” by Tom Waits (149 – You Can Never Hold Back Spring)
Green Grass” by Tom Waits (148 – The Fabric of the World)
Artificial Flowers” by The Beautiful South (147 – Artificial Flowers)
Broken Bicycles / Junk” by Anne Sofie von Otter and Elvis Costello (146 – A Matter of Trust)
On the sunny side of the street” by Cyndi Lauper (145 – Life can be so Sweet)
Them There Eyes” by Louis Armstrong (144 – Them There Eyes)
In A Country Churchyard” by Chris de Burgh (143 – In a Country Church)
Hang Out Your Poetry” by Chastity Bono’s Ceremony (142 – A Trip to the Sea)
Too Darn Hot” by Holly Cole (141 – Memories of Summer)
“Ain’t Nothin’ But A Party” by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (140 – After Work)
“Steps Ahead” by De-Phazz (139 – Steps Ahead)
Wild Billy’s Circus Story” by Bruce Springsteen (138 – Circus is in Town)
“Edge of Darkness” by Eric Clapton (137 – At the Edge of Darkness)
Under Ice” by Kate Bush (136 – Frosted)
Workingman’s Blues #2” by Bob Dylan (135 – My Father is a Carpenter)
You can leave your hat on” by Randy Newman (134 – Muck!)
Train Song” by Tom Waits (133 – Working Mode)
Tonight Romanticize The Automobile” by Hawksley Workman (132 – Tightly Packed)
Cry Mercy Judge” by Tom Verlaine (131 – Habeas Corpus)
Black Hair” by Nick Cave (130 – Of Hellebores and Hair)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry” by Bob Dylan (129 – A Train To Cry)
“Air” by The Incredible String Band (128 – Rural Quietude)
God is in the House” by Nick Cave (127 – Klagenfurt, Where I was Born)
“Summer on a solitary beach” by Alice (119 – Spiaggia solitaria)

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