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3701 – Cool Luxury in Saint-Tropez

I’ve got no images from the whole drive along the coast. Basically it’s a mix of tourist places and private houses all along the coast up to Saint-Tropez.

Thirty years ago I’ve been in Provence with a group of students. We’ve traveled by bus, and I remember having been in Saint-Tropez, or rather, I remember having driven through Saint-Tropez. Basically I remember one specific street corner, nothing more, but when we were there this year, everything looked completely new to me.

Which is good, because in my memory Saint-Tropez had been a let-down, and that’s definitely not what it is. It actually has a picturesque center of narrow old streets, and that’s probably also the reason why I can’t remember it: it would have been completely unaccessible for a tourist bus 🙂

The image has been taken under the marquee of a restaurant where we sat and sipped a drink. The cool trick there is, that they spray a mist of cool water from the marquee a few times a minute. That’s cool luxury under the burning sun.

3013 – Stone Walls III

There are people who strictly dislike graffiti and tags, but I’m not one of them. They have a certain quality of mystery that often fascinates me. I have no idea what this means or if it means anything at all. I believe it does, because if it didn’t, the whole idea of creating them would feel even more alien to me 🙂

Here we have something that looks distinctly asian to me. Or like a message on a forein planet. It could be an ad or a warning to stop immediately or bear the consequences. There is a certain aura of danger as well. Or at least graffiti fascinate me, because they allow me to dream wild dreams 😀

The Song of the Day is still “Stone Walls” by Three Tall Pines. Hear it on YouTube.

2764 – Flash

Today I’ve got the cover of some electric installation, made from a certain kind of plastic that seems to deteriorate into fibers and looks kind of bearded. But then, this is Austria and you just have to expect the unexpected beard 🙂

Oh my, Austria as winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s the second time in my life, the first time was Udo Jürgens with “Merci Chérie“, but that was 1966 and I was only two years old.

I normally don’t see television, but this Saturday by chance I saw the whole show. I rather liked the country song form the Netherlands that ended up in second place, but there was nothing wrong with our Conchita Wurst’s performance. The song “Rise Like a Phoenix” was a well done James Bond song with a perfect light show right out of The Hunger Games. And that’s fine as well 🙂

Anyway, the Song of the Day is “Flash” by Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan”. We’re back to Jazz 😀

2702 – Ghosts

I made this image in brightest sunlight, and while the ghostly fingers of these trees fascinated me, I found that the colors did not particularly contribute to the image. Converting with a blue filter did the trick.

Funny, sometimes I feel in B&W. The next two posts have more of that.

The Song of the Day is “Ghosts” from Laura Marling’s album “Alas I Cannot Swim”. Hear it on YouTube.

2116 – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Yeah, I know, the sun is male in English, but then, it was still female for Chaucer, just like it is in German.

This is another image taken Thursday, I made no images on Friday. Well, actually I did, a one minute night shot of our terrace, lit by a full moon, but it’s boring and just looks like in daylight 🙂

The Song of the Day is “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” from Joe Cocker’s “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”. Why not The Beatles? Well, they have sold out exclusively to iTunes (still no Beatles downloads from Amazon) and I don’t link to Apple. Cocker is better anyway 😀

Hear for yourself on YouTube.

2089 – Try Some, Buy Some II

I went swimming, and on the road I saw a shed with advertising posters that I’ve already wanted to photograph a few times but didn’t. You know how it is when you drive by car: you see something but you can’t pull off the road. Or sometimes you can, and when you stand there, you realize that the only perspective that you’d be interested in, the perfect image, is the one as seen from the middle of the road.

Here it was similar. The shed is behind a pond, behind a side road, and from the middle of the main road it looked like a pretty perfect image. Only that you can’t go out there and take a photo. At least if you prefer to bring it home. I took the easy way out and settled with a detail 😀

The Song of the Day is the Harrisong “Try Some, Buy Some” from David Bowie’s 2003 album “Reality”. Hear it on YouTube.

2014 – Cherry Pink III

Haha, just minutes after I made my “back to normal” post, Ken Bello commented on “2012 – Happy“, saying that

the pressure is on now to produce great images

No, it’s not, at least I don’t feel it. I just make the same pictures as I made with the Panasonic LX5 or with the Olympus E-P2, only that the new camera does some tricks that so far only the D300 could do. Exposure bracketing for HDR is such a thing.

Well, in “2005 – Cherry Pink II” I said that “you can find thousands of images with pink blossoms on a blue sky background”. Here’s one more 😀

The Song of the Day is again “Cherry Pink”, aka “Gummy Mambo” or, in the version of Austrian brass superstars Mnozil Brass, “Gummimambo”. It’s from their 2004 album “Wenn der Kaiser grooved”. Hear it on YouTube.