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1879 – Searching II

I’m not sure if I tried this image in DxO as well, I suppose, but in the end it was Photoshop that made it. This is the D300 again, and while I like DxO for its ability to handle difficult tonal situations, I find it much easier to arrive at satisfying colors with Photoshop.

Just for the record: All of the images that I process in DxO get a finish in Photoshop, and in almost all cases it is color that I enhance. Thus, what I am considering is buying DxO as an alternative RAW converter, not as a replacement for Photoshop.

The Song of the Day (and the Day would have been Friday, although this is a Thursday image again) is “In Search of Peter Pan” from Kate Bush’s 1978 album “Lionheart”. Enjoy it on YouTube.

1878 – Searching I

It’s very early Tuesday morning. After a long weekend I am finally on the train to Vienna again. I really need to flush the pipeline, so please allow me to post a quick succession of images, three from Thursday, the only sunny day this weekend. Here’s the first one.

As to the title, this and all of the following four posts will be titled “Searching”, because I am still searching my way around in and trying to work with DxO Optics Pro 7, an occupation that really ate all of my time that I would normally have spent posting 😀

This image, taken with the D300 and the Tamron 17-50/2.8 VC, has been processed with both Adobe Camera RAW and DxO, and although I probably would have been able to get a very similar result with ACR and Photoshop, DxO was clearly the winner. The lens is supported, its distortions are perfectly corrected, and what I really liked is the ease with which I was able to preserve the highlights, get excellent shadow detail and still have punchy mid-tones. Again: I could probably have managed to get there in Photoshop, but only with much more effort, and at least what I created in a first take (and probably would have settled with normally) looked worse.

This again shows that DxO is a good choice for DSLR images. Probably its effectiveness is greater than with LX5 RAW files, because it has much more dynamic range to work with, probably its algorithms are tuned to work best with wide dynamic range.

The Song of the Day is “Searching The Desert For The Blues” by Blind Willie McTell. Hear it on YouTube.

1820 – Sweet Memory V

Have you ever used the expression “See you on the other side”? Sounds so cool, huh?

Well, we tried it today, but the guys helping us didn’t show up. A little bit of a communication problem 🙂

This means another night in the old apartment, but I suppose it will be the last one. On the “other side” our books are not yet all sorted in, but we make progress.

Of course again I didn’t find time to take images, much less to make one last attempt at swimming, What a pity, these are so beautiful days and gradually it’s getting colder.

Like yesterday the Song of the Day is “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. See a video on YouTube.

1657 – Escalator

I’ve labeled this post as part of my review series of the Panasonic DMC-LX5, and that although the image was made with the Nikon D300.

Why? Because I could have made the exactly same image with the Panasonic – and you wouldn’t have seen a difference. This is 19 mm, equivalent to about 29 mm of FX, a focal length that is perfectly in the range of the LX5. It has been taken at f7.1 and base ISO 200. With the LX5, I could have achieved similar DOF at f2, and I would have used ISO 80.

Both cameras have acceptable automatic white balance, sometimes the Panasonic is better, sometimes the Nikon, but nevertheless I am always better off manually setting white balance in Camera RAW. That’s what I do. Always.

The D300 has more dynamic range and less noise, stabilization on the LX5 is better. Of course the D300 is much faster, especially autofocus, and of course the LX5 is so much lighter.

And what else? Not much that I care for. I like both cameras and I will return to the LX5 tomorrow.

Oh yes, this was not the test that I talked about, switching back to the D300 and see how it feels. I just had to switch for a day, because I had forgotten my SD card in the card reader in Carinthia. Today I’ve bought another 4 GB card and now I can use the LX5 again. I had considered making the switch earlier, but I guess It is not the time yet 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Escalator” from the 2010 album “Medicine County” by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs. Hear it on YouTube.

1636 – Sweet Memory II

Well, this is difficult today. I’d probably have something for yesterday, but I am so overworked and tired, tonight I definitely can’t work on a anything any more.

But then, that’s what the archive is for. Here’s another image from Liguria, Italy. It’s been taken in Camogli again and I have processed it last July, nine months ago. Funny to see how I worked then 🙂

The Song of the Day is one more time “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. Still good music, YouTube has the live video.

1618 – Bliss

Have you recognized it’s Spring again? Yeah, yeah, I know, only on this side of the ball 😀

Sometimes working on an image, seeing how everything falls in place, how something that could not possibly work suddenly begins to work, sometimes it just gives me bliss, and it may even compensate for having put up such an image as yesterday’s 😛

Bliss” is from the 2001 Muse album “Origin Of Symmetry”. Hear it on YouTube.