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2176 – When Heroes Go Down

OK, I admit, this is a truly stupid title. No hero involved, only I who could not resist a very dangerous subject 🙂

Dangerous subject? Why?

Oh, it’s just because it has been covered extensively by Karin Buerschaper (aka sediama) from Hannover, in a way that lets all my efforts pale, regardless of what I do.

Therefore, whenever I make photos of staircases, I always link to her site. If you’ve never seen her photography, please head over to her Flickr set of staircases. You’ll immediately see what I mean 🙂

The Song of the Day is “When Heroes Go Down” from Suzanne Vega’s 1992 album “99.9 F”. Hear it on YouTube.

2172 – Cloudspotting II

Today was a beautiful day, but somehow it was already late when I could have left home.

Instead of hurrying up I played around with my computer, and in the end I decided to stay home. After all, I have so many images, it does not hurt to show an old one.

And then a spectacular sundown happened. There were multiple layers of small clouds, and the deep sun, coming from below the clouds in the west, only touched the lowest layer, leaving the blue backdrop strangely pale.

The Song of the Day is once again “Cloudspotting” from the 2010 De Phazz album “Lala 2.0”. We already had it in “2029 – Cloudspotting” not so long ago. Hear it on YouTube.

2170 – Threesome

Damned if I know which one! But then, by the rules of this blog, one must be it, huh?

All three images were taken on Wednesday, and together they are a strange assortment. Take this bicycle for example. What fascinated me and made me take the image, was the fact that it leaned against a wall with glass panels attached to it, and the fact that there were all sorts of reflections. The glass panels were narrow though, and that together with the angle created an interesting effect of intermittent reflections.

The other image was taken from street level steeply upward to roof level. I had to apply a lot of perspective correction, but I knew that in advance and thus had included enough sky.

Why the image at all? Well, it’s this strange concept of a very artificial roof garden that caught my eye 🙂

The Image of the Day is just a classic Manessinger: tilted, lines running into corners, with the sun in the frame. That’s the reason why I originally decided against it. In a way it’s just more of the same, but then, I really, really love the reflections on the tracks, and besides, don’t know how you feel about it, at least I can deal pretty well with more of that 😀

The Song of the Day is “Threesome” from Melissa Etheridge’s 2007 album “The Awakening”. See a live performance on YouTube.

2160 – Summer’s Almost Gone VI

It has come so far, even I can’t deny it. As (almost) every year, here’s the “Summer’s Almost Gone” post 😀

It’s already Wednesday night, this is the post for Sunday, most likely not the last day of swimming in the lake this year (I’m stubborn), but most likely the last day that almost felt like summer.

As usual the Song of the Day is “Summer’s Almost Gone” from the 1968 Doors album “Waiting for the Sun”, just like here, here, here, here and here. Hear it on YouTube.

2156 – That Old Black Magic

Today is Wednesday, it rains and I am on my way down to Carinthia. Weather for tomorrow is predicted to be bad, but other than in Vienna it will likely recover during the weekend. I expect to be swimming again the next days.

Today I didn’t make any photographs, thus I’ll show you one more from the series in “2151 – Wild Water Blues“. Somehow I just love how far you can go in black and white without breaking the image. Here I have pulled back the highlights as much as possible, lightened the shadows, darkened the sky, and it all still looks natural. Do that to the same extent in color and you’ve got all sorts of problems.

The Song of the Day is “That Old Black Magic” from Ella Fitzgerald’s “Ella In Rome – The Birthday Concert”. Hear it on YouTube.

2153 – Whatever You Need

Sometimes funny things happen. just leaked info about an upcoming Sony RX1 camera. Full frame, fixed lens, 35/f2, $2799. I wonder what their intended market is.

Would I buy one? Hell, no! Or maybe. If I had the money to burn. It’s a camera with the body of a compact and the smallest big full-frame lens they could possibly fit on it. Non-retractable. A real lens 🙂

Would Mike Johnston buy one? Maybe. Definitely maybe. It lacks a handgrip though and maybe it also lacks image stabilization, but I may be wrong about that. And, well, it’s a tad pricey, isn’t it? But then, it has a Zeiss lens and Mike likes Zeiss.

But now to whom I really wanted to write about, and that is not Mike Johnston, that is Kirk Tuck.

I found Kirk when Mike posted about his (Kirk’s) intention to give up posting on his blog. Kirk was an Olympus PEN enthusiast and at that time I either already had my E-P2 or at least intended to buy one. Kirk was an Olympus aficionado. And now he is not.

Kirk uses Sony now. The Alpha 77 (and soon the 99) as well as the NEX-7. He likes them better than the PENs (which I can understand) and he likes the OM-D in a way and he likes it not. It’s complicated 🙂

But that’s OK. It’s great that not only everybody likes and needs different things, but that digital photography has also matured to a point where everybody is also able to get them.

For me that’s stabilization. The OM-D is a nice looking camera, but honestly, the new Fujis look better. It has a nice sensor, but honestly, the NEX-7’s is better. It has image stabilization though. And not just any stabilization, it has the best stabilization in the market, and it sits where stabilization is supposed to sit, in the sensor.

Fuji and Sony have lost me completely by not stabilizing the sensor. I had stabilized lenses on the D300, at least for the focal lengths where they were on offer, thank you, no more of that for me.

With the Olympus 45/1.8, with an effective focal length of 90 mm, I can repeatably hold 1/10 s. At 1/5 s I get a good shot out of maybe three.

On a non-stabilized camera I need at least three stops faster shutter speed, bigger apertures, or all else equal, I have to raise ISO to three stops above my base ISO of 200. Thus the difference between stabilization and its absence is that between base ISO and ISO 1600.

These two images, taken in a dimly lit church, were handheld using the Panasonic 14/2.5 at 1/3 s. I could hold that repeatably. Always. Now do that with a Fuji and its fabulous primes 😀

Kirk does not need stabilization nearly as much as I do. For his portrait sessions he uses strobes, and when he shoots in the dark, he does it in theaters where he needs fast shutter speeds (and sacrifices ISO). Different needs indeed 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Whatever You Need” by Tina Turner. Hear it on YouTube.

2150 – Just Can’t Last

Tomorrow noon I guess I’ll take two or three hours off.

Today I have worked until 5:30 pm and then waited an hour more before I finally got out. The problem is, I’ve expected a package and DHL failed to deliver.

The contents? A small light tent with two spotlights included. I’ll use it to take images of the lenses that I’m going to sell.

When I left home at 6:30, I fully intended to go swimming. I just wanted to head over to the computer store and buy a WiFi repeater first. I did that, I was back to the car as quickly as I had hoped, but it was already too late for swimming. The days are already painfully short. Well, not winter-short short, but short nevertheless.

In the end I headed for a place where I knew the sun would last slightly longer, hastily took some images, and that was it. Thus it will be swimming at noon tomorrow 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Just Can’t Last” from Natalie Merchant’s 2001 album “Motherland”. Hear it on YouTube.

2137 – Heavy Metal Blues

This is in the same place as “2113 – Head Down” and “2115 – On The Upside Looking Down“.

I was late and had not much choice on my way to the lake. I figured a little bit of industrial decay in late sunlight is never wrong 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Heavy Metal Blues” from the 2009 album “The Bleeding Edge” by The Revelations featuring Tre Williams. See a video on YouTube.

2131 – Travelin’ Prayer

As I’ve said a few times, Carinthia is famous for its wayside shrines. This is a pretty beautiful one that I discovered today.

Driving to the lake, this time coming not from Villach but from the other side, from Klagenfurt, Carinthia’s capital, I saw this oak tree by a side road, a few meters from the main road. It was not standing freely, but I figured it would probably look good from below. Guess it does. As I already was in that side road, I decided to follow it, and that’s how I finally discovered the shrine.

Btw, two days ago I listed my Olympus E-P2 with EVF and 17/2.8 at eBay. It took five minutes and then it was sold for the “Buy It Now” price of 400 €. I guess I should sell more of my old equipment 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Travelin’ Prayer” from Billy Joel’s 1973 album “Piano Man”. Hear it on YouTube.

2129 – Love Is Blindness II

As I said, no images today, but I figured two more of yesterday’s apple tree and mirror can’t be wrong.

Cassandra Wilson gave this song a peculiar melancholic feeling, very typical for her style.

On the other hand, melancholy is not Jack White’s thing 😀

The Song of the Day is again the U2 cover “Love Is Blindness“, but this time freshly recorded by Jack White. Hear it on YouTube.