Sep 032017

I hope you’re not getting bored. Fact is, I didn’t, and least of all of doing post-processing. Actually it’s a pleasure processing images of such chunks of ice, in order to bring out details that you can’t see in reality. When you’re there, you just see white. You take the image, hoping to later discover interesting structures. And rather often you do.

Sep 012017

This frozen side arm stretches along for a hundred meters. Every few steps you see something different, and sometimes it warrants close examination.

Here the ice was not only thick but actually clear down to the ground. In other places it was not, or sometimes the surface was rough like frost.

Aug 282017

In all these images I used my ultra-wide at its widest, and I went pretty close to the subject. Processing-wise the challenge is to bring out color variation and contrast.

In earlier times I would have used LAB color mode in Photoshop. It’s an ideal tool for removing casts and making images more vivid. Turns out I can’t do it any more. Photoshop has completely changed since I used to write tutorials, and the the things that have not changed are long forgotten 🙂