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3993 – A New Camera in an Old Church II

I have no idea why I used DxO to process this image. It certainly wouldn’t have been necessary. Fact is I did.

As to the camera: both images, yesterday’s and today’s, are extremely clean and have a lot of dynamic range. I think this camera has more dynamic range than any other Olympus camera and it is extremely sharp as well. 20 megapixels and no low-pass filter make for tremendous image quality. You have to be careful with moiré, but that’s normally a very local problem and easy to fix in post. At least I’ve never had an image that was ruined by unfixable moiré.

3992 – A New Camera in an Old Church I

Of course I wouldn’t have needed the OM-D E-M1 Mk II, but isn’t it fine to have both cameras with the same resolution?

At that time I had the intention to sell the E-M1 Mk I and the E-P5, but so far I still have both. Why? Well, the prices are ridiculously bad and I didn’t bother. Of course it’s stupid and I should sell them, because what good is it to have them in a closet?

Anyway. This is not the first image taken with the Mk II, but it’s one of the first and it’s the first worth publishing. More to come.