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3741 – I Didn’t Arrange That

A small twig with leaves on a white patch of paint on the street. I didn’t arrange that, I just saw it.

Would I?

Some people do, but even if I don’t, it has nothing to do with purism at all. It’s not my thing. Photography is a meditative act for me, an act of seeing, not an act of arranging.

This is not good or bad. In the end both ways of photography are acts of creating. It’s just that I find one relaxing and the other tedious. Most of the time.

Sometimes I even admire this art of arranging things.

3739 – Trying Not To Fall

Hmmm … 60mm lens, 120mm equivalent, this perspective, … actually I have no idea how I’ve taken this image. I must have held the camera high above my head, but could I possible have achieved that weird perspective? I didn’t levitate (I’d remember that), in that place there is no overlooking vantage point, and I didn’t use drones either 🙂

3738 – Still Inside the Machine

For a long time I was a Photoshop user, now I’m a Lightroom user. I once wrote a few Photoshop tutorials, but I can’t even remember Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts now.

I’m a Lightroom user, but I keep Photoshop around. It’s part of the Creative Cloud photography bundle anyway and I use it for the few things that I can’t do in Lightroom, like “Edit / Transform / Skew”. That happens less than once a month.

The other software that I keep (and actually have acquired not so long ago) is DxO. I use it for pictures like this. I’ve taken it on the train, I like it in a way, and although the camera’s stabilization would have allowed me to get away with ISO 800 and 1/20s (maybe lower with a few tries), I forgot to change to manual mode. The result was ISO 1600 and 1/40s. ISO 1600 is by no means bad on the E-P5, but when I can make it look like ISO 400 using DxO, I’ll happily do it. Basically I’m only abusing DxO as a noise reduction plugin for Lightroom, but it’s so excellent at that, I’d buy it again any time. Now that I think of it, I might have to, once I switch to the E-M1 MkII 🙂

3731 – Tenderly

This is typical for what happens when I use a macro lens for macros 🙂

It’s not that I don’t know how one would theoretically approach those subjects, but it’s the same as with continuous autofocus and sports photography: I’m not really interested in it, I lack any practice and therefore I also lack any skill.

Funnily enough, I always buy macro lenses and of course I end up using them for different purposes. Next time it won’t be so easy though. A week ago I’ve ordered a cheap Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5X Super Macro Lens. Ultra high 4.5:1 magnification ratio, but on the other hand it does not focus to infinity. I have no idea what I will use it for. Heaven knows, I may end up using it for real macros, because that seems to be the only way that lens can be used at all 😀

3729 – Waiting for the Circus

This is an almost certainly wrong statement. In a way all images lie, and the more a lens deviates from the “normal” range between 35 mm and 70 mm, the more the image lies. Here the equivalent focal length of 120 mm compresses the width of the street away, and it fabricates a connection between the woman most likely waiting for the bus and the circus tent far in the background.

3726 – The Library II

Here’s the last image of the library and the first post of 2017. Glad to see you on this side 🙂

It’s not the last image taken in 2016 on this blog. Actually there are more than 300 left. I’ll skip a few, I’ll have a few posts with more than one image, but expect it to be mid-summer, until you see the first images taken this year. I guess I won’t run out of images anytime soon. I may not run out of topics for the occasional rant either. While the former is calming, the latter is … not.