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4046 – For Those Of Us Not Flying Drones

Have you ever flown a drone? I certainly didn’t, although I think I could afford one. But then, I have pretty high expectations when it comes to the quality of still photography, and on the other hand I am not at all interested in creating videos. Seems like I’d want to fly a drone that could be able to carry one of my Olympus cameras, or at least something of similar quality. Maybe, after all, I can’t afford a drone 😀

4045 – The Chandelier

Now that I think of it, I have no idea how old these chandeliers in old churches really are. Obviously this one is electric. I wonder when it was that it replaced a predecessor, that still carried real candles. And what did that predecessor look like? When was it lit for the last time? And how long did it take? Did they have to use a ladder or were they able to lower the chandelier?

4040 – So Many Stories Told

This was the my first time in Brixen / Bressanone. I’m 53. I may visit the town once more in my life, but I’m not sure. It’s not because I didn’t like what I saw (much to the contrary!), it’s because the world is too big and too beautiful.

The cloister is full of beautiful imagery. Stories over stories. I’ve taken a few pictures, and the framing was more determined by my compositional style than by anything content-related. It’s sad in a way: I most likely won’t ever see more of those stories than I do now, when I look at my images. It’s also true that I did not concentrate on seeing while I was there. I concentrated on framing.

But then: I’ve been in places where I didn’t take images, places where I did concentrate on seeing, and now all is lost, all is gone from my memory. These images at least will remain.

4039 – A Cloister in Brixen / Bressanone

Here we are, that was the reason why we went there: the cloister.

I present you two versions of the same image, one developed with DxO Optics Pro, the other one with Lightroom. I think what DxO did all by itself looks better than what I did in Lightroom, therefore the DxO version became Image of the Day.

I had the idea to invoke DxO, because due to the extreme contrast and how I had to pull up the shadows, noise began to creep in. DxO is my panacea for everything noise-related 😉

4036 – A Sunny Day in Brixen / Bressanone

And this is already Brixen’s cathedral. It originates from the 10th century, was rebuilt in the 13th and again completely converted to Baroque style in a few years around 1750. The latter fact alone makes clear how rich this city must have been at that time.

We’ll see more of the cathedral in the next posts.

4035 – Sitting Around Hanging

I’ve seen this peculiar kind of presentation before, and I’ve even taken an image of it. I also know that I’ve seen it recently, but quickly scrolling through the pictures of up to 2009, I thought I’ve missed it and gave up.

In the end I searched my own blog for posts with the tag “mannequin”, and sure enough, among the first hits it was, “2422 – You Keep Me Hangin’ On“, taken in Villach in 2013. Looks like a pretty good reason to keep blogging, if you ask me 🙂