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3935 – Sparse

Villach does not have a big park. It doesn’t need one. It’s small enough that you’re out of town and in the country in a few minutes.

Villach has a small park though with a fountain in a shallow pool. In autumn, when the pool is already empty and prepared for winter, I like to take photographs there. The russet dead leaves on the blue paint make for a very pleasing color contrast in times when nice colors are often hard to come by 🙂

3934 – All Options

U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Österreichische Bundesbahnen, it’s all rail-based transport, it’s all public, but it’s public in different ways. The latter, the Austrian Federal Railways, are an all-Austrian thing, the U-Bahn, that’s Vienna’s Underground, and S-Bahn, that’s kind of a joint venture between the two. They all have their own signs, and in some places, where their stations overlap, we see all three signs on one post. And if the light is right, there is a nice balance between lit signs and background sky as a bonus 🙂

3927 – Rings

This image does not exist. If you’ve seen it, try to burn it from your memory.

It was taken in Donauzentrum, one of the biggest shopping malls in Vienna. After I’ve taken this single image, I was approached by a more or less friendly security person and informed that taking images there is not allowed. No explanation was given, other than that I should contact a manager. I didn’t bother.

Well, I used to go there on occasion to take an image, and rarely did I leave without buying something. Never since.

3926 – Solitude

Here’s another images that I couldn’t remember having taken. Looking at the timestamp, I most likely was on the train at that time. Obviously the camera was still an hour off 🙂

As to the image itself, well, it’s one of those unspectacular images that I might have deleted. Instead I tried a B&W conversion and some heavy vignetting, and suddenly it began to look kind of interesting. Ymmv.

3922 – Less Sun

Is it all that bad? The recently passed Hans Rosling and his son Ola don’t think so. In fact, whenever the state of the world gets me depressed, I like to watch one of their TED talks.

Change takes time. Things are getting better, but they do so slowly. We as human beings on the other hand are not very good at perceiving slow change at all.

So, it’s not all that bad, right? It just takes time, right? Unfortunately it’s not that simple either. Change can go both directions. We can spend money on development and education, or we can pump it into a never-ending War on Drugs (or on Terror). Change is slow. This makes it hard to predict the consequences of, for instance, a Trump presidency. Consequences there’ll be though, that’s for sure. So, whatever consolation we get out of the Rosling’s message, it does not take away our duty to constantly try to give our best to improve this planet. Only then will statistics continue being on our side.

3921 – Sundown on a Bridge

A lot of words yesterday, no solution, I know. One of the reasons why we don’t have a revolution at the heart of the empire is in fact its distributedness. The other reason of course is, that most people here don’t have a problem.

Those who do have problems already walk towards the shores of the Mediterranean, and obviously the problems they have are so grave, that they come, although they likely know that they might not get through. They come, although they know that they are not welcome, because they disturb our peace of mind, by reminding us of the fact, that we are the cause of their problems.

Politicians like our smart young Sebastian talk about holding them back, but in the long run we’ll see what that euphemism really means.

Remember Boston Dynamics, the robot company bought by Google and then sold on to a Japanese company, likely because their image could only have been seen as detrimental to what Google likes to be seen as? Take their “Wildcat” and you’ll have a hard time to not imagine it weaponized. And now imagine thousands of them patrolling the Sahara, controlled by drones with normal and infrared cameras.

Not enough? Here’s another one for all those people who say they are not xenophobic and they don’t want to hurt anybody, and that we just have to secure our frontiers and build a Fortress Europe: Why not nuke the Sahara? Lay a deadly belt of nuclear hell across the desert. Would work like the perfect fence, right?

But then, of course nobody in the civilized world would do such a thing, That’s almost as if someone would have the idea to drop large amounts of poisonous herbicides over the jungle in a foreign country, just because they suspect a supply trail running through there, supplying their enemies in another country that they have no business in. Nobody would do that, right?

Frightening? Sure. Likely? Sure. Anything that can be done is done by our governments. We’ve painfully learned that since Snowden’s and Manning’s revelations. And it’s not even because they are so evil. They are not. They just try to get reelected, and so they do our bidding and try to keep up our illusion of paradise by hiding the ugly truths.

Exaggerated? I don’t think so. I’ve already heard one of our politicians talk about how important it would be to secure the southern Lybian border, in order to let refugees not even come to the shores of our private swimming pool.