Jul 292017

Villach does not have a big park. It doesn’t need one. It’s small enough that you’re out of town and in the country in a few minutes.

Villach has a small park though with a fountain in a shallow pool. In autumn, when the pool is already empty and prepared for winter, I like to take photographs there. The russet dead leaves on the blue paint make for a very pleasing color contrast in times when nice colors are often hard to come by 🙂

Jul 282017

U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Österreichische Bundesbahnen, it’s all rail-based transport, it’s all public, but it’s public in different ways. The latter, the Austrian Federal Railways, are an all-Austrian thing, the U-Bahn, that’s Vienna’s Underground, and S-Bahn, that’s kind of a joint venture between the two. They all have their own signs, and in some places, where their stations overlap, we see all three signs on one post. And if the light is right, there is a nice balance between lit signs and background sky as a bonus 🙂

Jul 212017

This image does not exist. If you’ve seen it, try to burn it from your memory.

It was taken in Donauzentrum, one of the biggest shopping malls in Vienna. After I’ve taken this single image, I was approached by a more or less friendly security person and informed that taking images there is not allowed. No explanation was given, other than that I should contact a manager. I didn’t bother.

Well, I used to go there on occasion to take an image, and rarely did I leave without buying something. Never since.