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4130 – Mountain of the Dead IV

OK, that’s the last one. “Abuse” did I say. Why? Well, look at the “graves”:

Soldato / Manzi / Luigi / 30°Fanteria

A title, a surname, a name and a regiment. No date. That’s not a grave! They didn’t care where and when Luigi Manzi was born or when he died. For them, he was nothing more than a function. That’s what I mean by “Abuse”.

4129 – Mountain of the Dead III

Crosses are a Christian symbol and, regardless of how you see Christianity or generally religion, the original meaning was not one of decoration on a memorial for the glory of warfare.

Nothing else is this hill: it’s a symbol for the glory of Mussolini’s legions. It fascinates me (I’m always fascinated by fascist architecture) and at the same time it disgusts me. Well, we’ll see a lot more this year.

4127 – Mountain of the Dead I

This is the Sacrario militare di Redipuglia, a war memorial built under Mussolini. It houses the remains of 100,187 Italian soldiers killed between 1915 and 1917 in the eleven battles fought on the Karst and Isonzo front.

Pretty incredible, huh? Interestingly enough it looks much steeper and somehow more impressive when seen from the highway.

When you’re there, it’s big, but it is just a gentle slope. A strange effect. Maybe it’s because from the highway I had never more time than for a fleeting glance?