Jul 222017

Here’s some morning light in Vienna. I love the colors, but …

… it turns out it also works pretty well in dramatic B&W. What do you prefer?

Actually this is one of the benefits of not blogging images the day they were taken or at least processed. I’ve created the B&W version just a few minute ago, half a year after the original. It was a sudden idea and I really like the result. Had I blogged it in November, I most likely would never have returned to that particular image.

Jul 212017

This image does not exist. If you’ve seen it, try to burn it from your memory.

It was taken in Donauzentrum, one of the biggest shopping malls in Vienna. After I’ve taken this single image, I was approached by a more or less friendly security person and informed that taking images there is not allowed. No explanation was given, other than that I should contact a manager. I didn’t bother.

Well, I used to go there on occasion to take an image, and rarely did I leave without buying something. Never since.

Jul 202017

Here’s another images that I couldn’t remember having taken. Looking at the timestamp, I most likely was on the train at that time. Obviously the camera was still an hour off 🙂

As to the image itself, well, it’s one of those unspectacular images that I might have deleted. Instead I tried a B&W conversion and some heavy vignetting, and suddenly it began to look kind of interesting. Ymmv.