May 262017

Saint Rochus is something like the “spare church” in Strachov Monastery. It’s a gallery today and when I was there, they had classic modern paintings on display. Chagall, Ernst, that kind.

Well, the paintings were interesting, but what really fascinated me was the church with its blank, white walls. Mesmerizing.

May 242017

It was not the main reason why I was there, but Strahov Monastery has a fine picture gallery.

Initially I just went along because it rained outside and I was already there. I also had not intended to take pictures, but after I tentatively tried one and nobody stepped in to stop the copyright violation, I took a few more.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy a catalogue (I probably should have) and I also failed to take images of the artist’s names. I don’t even know how old the images are. From the style I’d say not earlier than 1870, but there is no reason why they couldn’t be much younger. I simply don’t know and Strachov’s website only mentions one Dürer, lots of Baroque and 17th to 19th century bohemian landscapes.

May 232017

The hill with castle and cathedral is Hradčany, or actually that’s the name of the quarter connecting on its western side. From Petřín Lookout Tower I took the way down towards north-west to Strahov Monastery.

This image at 24mm (48mm effectively) has a very natural perspective, this is what it looks like to be up there. Nice.

May 212017

And here’s the reason why you should climb Petřín Lookout Tower (or take the elevator): you have an impressive view over the city. Don’t forget your long lenses and (in case you use Lightroom) don’t forget to play with gradient filters, dehaze and painted masks. That’s exactly what these tools were created for.

May 202017

This is Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna), a smaller cousin of Paris’ Eiffel tower, built only two years later. There’s a restaurant at the base and a long spiral stairway along the spine. It does not look like it, but the spine even contains an elevator.

I could have managed the stairway up, but I was curious and took the elevator instead. I was lucky, but you might have to wait in a row. Down I took the stairs and I suggest you do so as well, at least in one direction.