4116 – Santuario di Montegrisa

The Santuario di Montegrisa is not a small church.

It’s architecture is brutally modern, all composed of triangles and naked concrete, and in a way that contrasts interestingly with the paintings, photographs and in general that the place is busy with people, using it as a temple of worship.

It just doesn’t look like that. Take out all the altars, put it in space and call it a warship of the Imperial Fleet. Darth Vader wouldn’t look out of place here 🙂

Ugly? Beautiful? Yes, both, in a way. It’s interesting in any case, and I love how this is not mainstream modern architecture.

2 thoughts on “4116 – Santuario di Montegrisa”

  1. Andreas, with my first glance of these thumbnail photos I thought the floor was a water pool due to how highly reflective it is. As to the question, beautiful or ugly, I certainly can say it’s very striking. I tend to like modern and you’ve done well in framing in this photos what is a difficult subject.

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