3923 – Morning, One Hour Off

A camera is a computer, right? Caputure timestamps are important, right? So, please, can anybody tell me why cameras can’t switch between normal and daylight saving time automatically? Yes, there is the matter of location, I know, but if we have point’n’shoots with GPS receiver modules, why can’t we have them on expensive system cameras like the PEN-F?

Energy drain? Not really. You could either track location permanently (and have it recorded in your pictures, accepting energy drain) or you could check at least once every 15 minutes as long as the camera is on.

Of course this image is one hour off, and that quite a few days after we changed from DST to standard time. Oh my!

2 thoughts on “3923 – Morning, One Hour Off”

  1. Andreas, since quite some time I’ve set my cameras to Greenwich Time and do the correction when importing (with a self-written perl script, additionally writing the GPS coordinates from my logger – when available – into the raw file). Saved me quite some frustration, especially when traveling to other time zones.

    1. Interesting idea. Of course I have no GPS logger, but I’m quite sure there’s an app for that 🙂

      On the other hand, I have just bought a new BQ Aquaris X Pro. It has an extraordinarily bright screen and a strong battery that allows me to easily use it for at least two days. Unless I enable GPS, that is 🙂

      Anyway. Definitely something to consider. I suspect there might even be a way to automate this upon ingestion with Lightroom.

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