3902 – The National Gallery III

I’m pretty sure the Image of the Day is a Caspar David Friedrich, but I can’t find it online. If so, it’s certainly not one of his most prominent works.

The others I don’t know. I could have documented them by taking images of the labels, but that would have taken me out of “Seeing Mode”. I don’t do that any more. I also used to buy museum catalogs. The problem is, that they are heavy and I don’t want to haul them around. As always, the solution would be an ebook. Hmm … actually I didn’t even ask. Maybe I should have? How else would they know there is demand?

2 thoughts on “3902 – The National Gallery III”

  1. One of the others is “Morning on the Chiemsee” by Max Haushofer, found by using Google image search:


    The photograph at the Wikipedia page looks rather different from your interpretation – I like yours better.

    The other one I didn’t manage to locate, but Google suggested helpfully that it is “natural landscape”. 😉

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