3849 – 26 D

That’s one of those typical images where I relish my camera’s depth of field. The colors are heavily pushed though. In reality it was exceedingly drab and I couldn’t stand it.

In such a situation, black and white is most of the time also a viable option. Actually I prefer color, but this may because the image is a memory for me as well. My memories tend to be colorful. Even of drab days 🙂

2 thoughts on “3849 – 26 D”

  1. It took me a loooooong time to re-appreciate B&W after falling through the walls into the “color is FREEEEE!” digital world. For a while I even resented folks who did color-ectomy on their digital files. To sort of quote Jack Nicholson, I smugly thought that they “Just couldn’t handle the truth…” That unlimited color just suffocated their imaginations. That they were milking a dead bottle of Dektol. When in fact I’d become a digisnob. You are, of course, correct to pull b&w from your holster – especially to tug contrast (and meaning) onto a flat scene. And your b&w version sports at least a hundred times more shades of grey than a recent best seller.

    Really enjoy grabbing inspiration from your work Andreas, have for years. BTW, we’ll be cruising down a river in your very neighborhood this summer. Drop me an email sometime. Happy summer…

    1. For me it’s not a passion, it’s a tool. You know me, I wouldn’t say I have a consistent style. There are some things you’ll recognize, most likely the treatment of corners, but but everything else is moods and fads. And that’s perfectly ok for me. Now, in times of shooting much less, I also tend to meditate longer about certain images. Just two days ago I finished one that took me weeks to get “right”, if that’s what it is now. Won’t be on the blog before early fall though 😀

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