Apr 202017

Or maybe not a robot ship. In any case it looks like a space ship to me. Some detail out of Star Wars maybe. In reality? The fish at work 🙂

  4 Responses to “3835 – The Robot Ship”

  1. Got some strange lines going there.

    • Yes indeed. I think the escalator starts horizontally and then bends into its 25-30 degree slope. I’ve taken the image from above my head, basically downward onto a 20 degree plane touching both ends of the escalator.

      Relative to that plane (which is also the sensor plane), the point where the escalator bends has the biggest distance. Therefore it is smallest when seen though the fish 🙂

  2. F_a_s_c_i_n_a_t_i_n_g v_i_e_w!

    A photo, I would like to have taken by myself.

    Thank once more again for your daily views and inspirations.

    Best regards from Hungary

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