3710 – The Golden Star

Nice chandelier, isn’t it? I found it in a church in Novo Mesto, Slovenija. That’s more or less between Ljubljana, Slovenija’s capital, and Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Four million displaced persons and a hundred thousand dead earlier, they would have been together with Beograd and Sarajevo in the same small spot that was Jugoslavija. It didn’t last.

You have no idea of Jugoslavija? Well, imagine Oregon, but with seven times as many people, approximately as many as in Texas. And now imagine it to break up in six countries and one autonomous region. One of the six, Bosnia, is full of internal strife, that still threatens to tear it up into three parts. The world is strange, huh?

One thought on “3710 – The Golden Star”

  1. I listened on radio Elisabeth Rehn (former high-ranking UN human rights official) discuss what is happening in Aleppo, comparing it to what happened in Rwanda, Srebrenica and Sarajevo.

    “This will never happen again” usually means it will happen again and again. Terrible times.

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