3663 – Down to the Cloister

Here we have again a mix of three lenses, the 12-40/2.8 at the top,

the fish for the image showing how the stairs leading to the cloister are situated in relation to the refectory (a cool application of this lens, if you ask me),

and finally the 7-14/2.8 for the B&W shot looking down. I like the image looking up best, therefore the order is a little bit weird 🙂

I can’t remember why I went B&W with the last shot, but I suppose this is a case of “tried it randomly and it worked”.

2 thoughts on “3663 – Down to the Cloister”

  1. I was a little unsure of the fish until I enlarged it… and you are right… it is a nice image and good application for those tight spaces. The light was really nice but I suspect you had to do some post work to make it look that good.

    1. I can’t remember. I suppose. I process all my images. But: what really occupied me to the point of an obsession, was the processing of the lavender images that are yet to come. More on that soon 🙂

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