3359 – Can We Finally Go to Church Now?

Of course we can. Now is exactly the time for it 🙂

Once more we see that São Vicente is more than a church. It is as much a symbol of power as any royal palace could be.

Maybe even more so, because a monastery is also a House of God, and as such, it carries even more symbolic weight and importance. It embodies the unity of the monarchy with God’s will. Or so it may have been meant, once when the monastery was built.

Nothing is cheap here. Side chapels are richly decorated, and some of them in a style that reminds me of oriental treasure boxes.

Again we see an interesting mix of styles. The main building is obviously inspired by classic Roman architecture, and it is so in a way that is relatively pure. The main altarpiece is baroque, and although it contrasts with its late-Renaissance environment, it does so in a very tasteful and elegant way.

Now that I think of it, the altarpiece also acts as a choir screen. As far as I remember, it was not possible to look behind, but it wold have been interesting anyway.

The last image is not from the church itself, but from one of the staircases leading up from the cloisters to the fables.