3357 – A Fabulous Invitation

One of the treasures of São Vicente is the collection of azulejos depicting scenes from the fables of Jean de La Fontaine.

I’ve never read the fables. I am not French, thus I’ve never read them in school, and I am not upper-class born, not among those, whose families regarded a French education necessary for a young man. Well, I have not even had Latin in school, because I chose a technical education with fourteen, thus I don’t know Aesop’s fables either. In other words: I didn’t have any reference and the images didn’t speak to me as they certainly were intended to do at the time when the azulejos were made.

My selection is small and random. I chose six of the maybe 15 images that I took, mostly because, apart from the first two, they were not marred by reflections. Otherwise they are in the order taken.

As far as I remember, the whole collection consists of about 40 azulejos.