3352 – Arriving at São Vicente

Finally we’ve arrived at the monastery of São Vicente de Fora. We are greated by giant and beautiful Bougainvilleas.

I really love this plant and two years ago have bought a small one for our terrace in Villach. It did quite well for half a year, and while we brought it through the first winter (in our living room), the poor thing didn’t cope too well with the non-continuous temperature. It began to blossom in autum, lost its leaves when we put it out on the terrace in spring again, and from those shocks it never recovered.

It’s a shame, but some plants are not meant for our climate. They do grow a few hundred kilometers to the south though. You see them all over the islands of northern Croatia, only four or five hours by car from here. Well, one more reason for the next trip 🙂