3333 – The Ambulatory

Nice number, huh? I started this blog in October 2006, that’s more than nine years ago. There were times when I tried to promote it, when I wrote gear reviews and Photoshop tutorials, and really, those post still carry traffic.

At least that was so the last time I looked, which was probably half a year in the past.

OK, now I’ve looked. During the last month I had aroud 50 page views on average, on a few days as low as 25, some spikes going to 100. That’s pretty much 10% of what it was in its high times. I don’t care. It’s ok.

I have many more views on Flickr, about a 1200 a day, 1700 on good days, rarely below 700. Of course it’s much more when I get explored once every few months. Do I care? Yes, enough that I post regularly, enough that I routinely put images into groups. But then, this will also go away and in the long run we’re all dead 🙂

And this blog? It is where I write down thoughts, where I publicly rant, where I share experiences, where I not only display images, but also put them into a context.

The context of this post is the ambulatory of Lisbon’s cathedral. Behind it lies the old cloister, and that’s where we go tomorrow.

One thought on “3333 – The Ambulatory”

  1. That first image is stunning. I love the composition, tonal range, light character, the feeling of depth and atmosphere. Very nice.

    Congratulations on your milestone. I always look forward to your posts and images. Your numbers are impressive. My good days are about what your low days are, and I get very little attention on Flickr. But like you say, it’s OK. I don’t do my posts/photos for the page counts… I do them for myself.

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