3329 – Cathedral Walls And Lemon Trees

Here we approach Lisbon’s Cathedral, Igreja de Santa Maria Maior, Sé de Lisboa, the see of the Archdiocese of Lisbon.

It is the oldest church in Lisbon, erected after the reconquest, built at the site of the main mosque of Lisbon, which in turn may have been built on the ruins of a Visigothic church, which …

Which makes me wonder what Lisbon may have looked like under Moorish rule. Likely it was restricted to the hill with today’s Castelo de São Jorge, but how big was it? Did it have walls? If so, where were the gates? How many people lived there? Was there a big Visigothic population ruled over by a small Moorish caste, or had the conquerors killed or driven away their predecessors, effectively bringing their own population with them?

There is so much more to see in a city than you could ever see in a typical vacation or a series thereof, but as soon as you begin to think about the past, it gets completely out of control. Well, I hardly even know these things about Vienna 🙂