3323 – So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!

Canned sardines are specialty of Portugal. Here in Austria we love the brand “Nuri“, produced by “Pinhais” near Porto.

It’s the only widely available brand of Portuguese sardines in olive oil, with a slice of carrot, a slice of cucumber, a piece of laurel leaf, a pepper corn, and of course the obligatory piri-piri. Their product is made from freshly caught fish, it’s excellent, but at the moment due to fishing restrictions it is not available.

I probably should have bought some cans of different brands not available in Austria at the shop you see in today’s picture. They have a wide variety, and it is fascinating to see a whole shop dedicated to nothing but canned fish. In the end I didn’t and instead ate my sardinhas grilled at the restaurant. Bacalhau and sardinhas, you can’t and shouldn’t avoid them 🙂