3316 – The House At The Corner

This is a small hotel in a generally worn down part of Lisbon’s center near Igreja De São Domingos, a church from where one of the worst pogroms in Lison, the 1506 Easter Slaughter, went out.

Atrocities like these are of the past and now can only come from the followers of a “backward religion” like Islam, you say? Well, at least in 1945 we were still slaughtering Jews for being Jews, as far as I remember.

It happens all the time. It happens because people deliberately draw a line between what is human (their side) and what is not. Once that happens, it is the old “Them or Us”, and because “They” don’t belong to the human race, they can be slaughtered like animals. Group thinking, the adoration of a higher, abstract “Leader”, the loss of individuality in perpetrators and in victims, that’s the recipe for disaster. Always was.

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