3304 – Museu Arqueol贸gico do Carmo I

Now we’re inside of the museum. It’s a pretty random collection of Roman stones, Egypt mummies, books, tiles and all sorts of old things. I spare you those.

As a museum it didn’t impress me, but of course I’m a sucker for church architecture.

This is the kind of architecture that I’ve bought the Olympus 7-14/2.8 for. It’s the ideal lens for cramped spaces 馃檪

While you see some ghosts of the harsh lights in the Image of the Day, they are so unobtrusive, that I decided to leave them in the image. You may remember that I once had the Panasonic 7-14/4.0. It’s exactly this kind of situation where the Olympus lens is phenomenally better. Using the Panasonic lens on an Olympus camera, I would have had to battle numerous big, bright purple balls all over the image. I don’t know how the lens behaves on a Panasonic body (it must be something about the reflexivity of the sensor), maybe much better, but on an Olympus I probably wouldn’t have been able to take this image at all.