3297 – Bridges High

This is the bridge leading from the top of the famous Elevador de Santa Justa. Theoretically that is the most exciting way to get from the Baixa below up to Bairro Alto. In practice you have to wait in a queue of tourists 🙂

The only time I took the elevator, was the going down. Interestingly enough there were no crowds at the top and the experience was all the same 😀

As regards my computer troubles, I don’t have any problems with Lightroom 2015.1.1 on El Capitan. None at all, and meanwhile I have used it a few times for browsing, cataloging and processing images as well.

Mobile Internet still does not work and I have given up on it. In one direction I have WiFi on the train, for the other direction my phone as hotspot is good enough. Today I have cancelled the contract with my provider. I had a plan for unlimited DSL at home in Vienna, combined with mobile Internet limited to 5 GB per month, all for 35 €. Instead I’ll get DSL from a small provider in Carinthia. Same speed, 10 Euros less, no mobile, but instead a static IP address and no daily cut-off.

That’s something I have always wanted. It will give me the option to use my underutilized computer in Vienna as a server. In the long run it will serve this blog. Unfortunately I have just paid to JustHost for the next three years, but I expect to make the switch much earlier.