3287 – Winged Death

On Largo Chiado, the small place right between Rua Garrett and Largo de Camões, there are two churches.

On the north side is Igreja Da Nossa Senhora Da Encarnação, the darker one, not only as regards light. The Image of the Day is from there.

On the souther side we have Igreja Nossa Senhora do Loreto. These churches are not particularly important, Nossa Senhora do Loreto is not even marked on Google Maps, but when I have a church on my way, I can rarely resist looking in.

I own two tripods, both of them stowed away in cabinets, one in Villach, one in Vienna. I brought none of them. For me and the kind of images I make, the time of tripods is over. Therefore these images and all otehrs in Lisbon were taken handheld, with shutter speeds down to 0.4 seconds.