3286 – A Few Days In Lisbon

Some time ago I’ve spent a few days in Lisbon. I arrived at night, spent three full and a half days and have seen what you can see in such a short time, mostly the usual sights. I have not been in museums, I have not been in the suburbs, but other than that, I guess I’ve got a good impression.

I returned with 1244 exposures, 226 of them did I find worthy to process. They could fill this blog until next summer, but I’ll churn through them a little bit faster, frequently using more than one image per post. I’ll also mix in a few of the images taken since. At least that’s the plan 🙂

Today’s image was taken after midnight, on a short walk through the Bairro Alto, a part of the city full of bars and night life. My hotel was in Rua Garret, directly at the western entrance to the underground station Baixa-Chiado, two minutes from Largo de Camões, a place where I saw this figurine of Angela Merkel in the window of a shop. It made me smile 🙂