3283 – Koelreuteria Paniculata

As children, in school, we used special books to systematically determine the species of plants. I never had such a book and I must admit that I am not that interested in botanics. Still, if you have a picture such as this, what would you write about it? I figuered at least a name would be fine 🙂

Using my own image in Google’s image search to find similar pictures was no success. I found all sorts of different trees with similar colors, but none had these particular fruits.

The solution was the word “Samenkapsel”. Together with “Baum” (=tree) I easily found “Koelreuteria paniculata“.

Interestingly enough, the English forms “seed vessel” and “seedcase” wouldn’t have helped me. “seed capsule” together with “tree” finds an image, but not among the top hits like in the German version.

Anyway. It took me 10 minutes to determine a tree and I didn’t need a book. Out in the wild, in an area with bad or no data connection I might have had a problem though 🙂