3274 – Complications

I’ve seen three upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 10 now and one from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Three of them had some complications, in one case I could fix it by switching from an HDMI monitor cable to Display Port (Windows 10 insisted on 60Hz refresh rate for my 2560×1440 monitor, resulting in a bandwidth not supported by HDMI and forcing the resolution down), the other two were fixed by an upgrade respectively an uninstall of the anti-virus solution.

Sounds bad? Wouldn’t have happened with a Mac? Not so fast!

On Sunday I upgraded to OSX 10.11 – El Capitan. It went absolutely smooth, but only then did I learn, that the new security model does not permit TotalSpaces, my preferred virtual desktop solution, to work any more. OSX does not allow us to tweak its user interface style and it provides no official hook for programs to do that. TotalSpaces, a commercial product, mind you, used an undocumented hack, and now it fails and won’t ever work again. Oh my! When a key user interface component fails, that you’ve come to rely upon, you’re rightly pissed!

This is not the big problem though. The biggie is, that my USB mobile internet dongle stopped working. The modem was just not recognized any more. Today I was in a shop of my ISP, and because I wanted a quick solution, I bought a new stick, this time a Huawei. It looks better but still does not work.

Is this Apple’s fault? The ISP’s? Huawei’s? Maybe it’s the new OS and it’s just not supported yet. But then, wouldn’t it be Apple’s job to help third party vendors to finish their updates before the new OS gets available?

Whatever, it’s a mess. Sorry for the rant 🙂