3261 – Croatian Boats

The sea has always had a wonderous fascination on me. I was already 12 years when I first saw it, and when we were on vacation in Yugoslavia with my parents, it was a long and tedious journey that had to begin in the middle of the night.

Today from Villach I can take the highway to Italy and after 90 minutes I am at the sea in Grado. The other option is the highway through Slovenia and to the Slovenian coast. Two hours bring me to Portorož.

The third option is via Slovenia down to Croatia. There I can choose between Pula at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, elegant Opatija near Rijeka, or via the bridge after Rijeka, the island of Krk. All of that can be reached within three hours. Sometimes I fear we don’t recognize how good our times are.

But then, not everybody is so lucky in this world.