3253 – Rise To Glory

The EU has always been a wonderful institution for me. It’s hard to describe the feeling when I first crossed the border between Germany and Belgium – and there was none. No passport checks, no delay, just driving across a symbolic line at 100 kilometers per hour. That was my first experience with the Schengen treaty. A few years later Austria joined Schengen, and suddenly the borders that I really care for, those to Italy, Germany, Switzerland and later to Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia, they all vanished. That and the Euro became symbols for a glorious united Europe, a Europe of prosperity and peace.

Yesterday news came that Germany “temporarily” suspends the Schengen treaty.

And this is the point where we have to make choices: Don’t vote for anyone who wants to close your borders! Nothing good will come from it. Vote freedom!

2 thoughts on “3253 – Rise To Glory”

  1. Andreas, you make fine photos, but I appreciate your intellect more, wish you would give a unique tag to these types of posts so I could easily find them all.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Maybe “thoughts” would do. Fact is, since I’ve stopped naming images after a “Song of the Day”, I find myself posting more about politics, ethics and in general things that touch me. I’ll consider it, not only for you, but also because it’s easier finding that stuff myself 😀

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