3231 – Towards Heaven

I really wish I could change the firmware of my camera. Imagine it were open source and I could tune Auto-ISO to my use.

While this image is not at all bad at ISO 1250, f2.8 and 1/60 s, in my type of photography I’ve rarely a reason to use 1/60 s. As a default lower bound it seems sensible, because when you have slowly moving people in your images, at that shutter speed they will still be sharp. It won’t be enough to freeze bicycle riders, but for pedesterians photographed from a distance, it is normally sufficient.

For me it’s a waste. In this image I would have been able to hold 1/2 s. That’s more than four stops. I would have been back to base ISO with still more DOF.

In this case I forgot to change from aperture priority to manual mode. Again, not a problem, but I’d like to set the minimum shutter speed before the camera begins to raise ISO, depending on focal length. If the firmware were open source, this would be trivial. As it is, this is impossible. I hate it 🙂