3216 – Ferrara XXVI

This is la città delle biciclette.

A little rain can’t impress Ferrara’s proud bicycle riders 🙂

There was even someone who came by bicycle to sell umbrellas to fellow cyclists.

It’s another aspect of Italianità: this complete disregard for the dangers that we care about so much. Here in Austria it is pretty common to see bicycle riders wear helmets. In fact it’s rather unusual seeing someone not doing so.

In Italy? Hmm … actually I can’t remember having seen a single helmet. Just as it was around here in my youth. But of course we have all died therefore 😀

3 thoughts on “3216 – Ferrara XXVI”

  1. Hello Andreas,

    your pictures – not only from Ferrara – make me smile, also some of your comments, but they can turn me also into thoughtfulness. Not the worst, of course.

    What is more “funny” for me is, my reflex, should I continue to take pictures myself? Yours are that good, with a certain inner quality, even when they show “only” everday motifs.

    Best regards from Hungary


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