3200 – Ferrara X

At the height of its power, Ferrara was extended to the north, with one main street leading straight from the Castello through the new district, all along to the northern gate, the Porta degli Angeli.

This is the Corso Ercole I d’Este, created between 1492 and 1510, named after the powerful Duke of Ferrara of that time.

As Ferrara lies in the plains near a river (the great river of northern Italy, river Po), most of the city is built with burnt bricks, and because this is a historic street, its surface is still cobbled. That’s not the most convenient surface for bicycle riders, therefore it is pretty common to see them on the sidewalks of this street.

Near the beginning of the street, still near the Castello, the center of the city’s power, the church of the mighty order of the Jesuits is situated.

Architecturally “Il Gesù” in Ferrara is as boring as its namesake in Rome, but I had to check nevertheless. It’s the style of the time and the order, something I had never been able to warm up to.

The Image of the Day has been taken further out towards the wall, shortly after we had passed the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the subject of tomorrow’s post, and Parco Massari, a small but beautiful park, giving welcome shadow on a hot day.