3191 – Frankengamer

On Saturday Gamer decided to jump from the terrace on second floor. It was the third time, but this time he was not lucky at all. We’ve searched for two hours and finally found him under a caravan, only two meters from our house. He had a bad fracture of his left upper hind leg. We immediately took him to a veterinarian who hinted at a possible amputation and referred us to a surgeon.

Well, the surgeon was quite optimistic and you see the result in this picture.

To make things a little bit more complicated, Kazuuu! our other cat decided that this was not her playmate any more, recognized his weakness and began to hunt him down. All in all the situation is pretty nerve-wracking. Our home is now divided in two zones, one for each cat. As far as this external brace goes, Gamer won’t get rid of it before October.

This is also the reason why today’s blog is late. I’m pretty exhausted at the moment 🙂