3183 – Poppies

This is a cool image. Really. I’ve cooled it way down in terms of color temperature 🙂

It’s also an image that I’ve manipulated. I’ve increased clarity of the flowers and decreased clarity towards the edges. I might also have added a negative vignette to give the image a more dreamy look 😀

The Song of the Day is “Poppies” by the divine Nina Simone. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “3183 – Poppies”

  1. Clarity’s a powerful tool… um… As you’ve shown here of course. It’s surprising how few use it to find the glows in their images. I especially like your self discipline here in sitting on the saturation heat. It’s virtually a high-key approach that turns the setting into both a foreground AND background framing of a feeling. Yep you’ve done this before but here you’ve cranked back on allowing the image to tell its own story, and instead have reeeeeely shown how less can be a LOT more.

  2. Haven’t commented on any pictures for a while…too many preoccupations lately. But I liked this one especially. Have myself been photographing a few wild flowers over the past couple of months with few happy results. But liked this one – just different. Though personally, I find the white blocks top right a little bit distracting.

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