3157 – Dappled Light

The grass is always greener across the fence. A few days ago, when posting a couple of stitched panorama images, I wrote that I didn’t care about the tremendous resolution that the Canon 5DS provides. Well, in the meantime I have seen a few images taken with that camera and I can’t say I’m not impressed 🙂

My new lens is terribly heavy (at least for Micro Four Thirds standards) and quite expensive. For the price of the 7-14/2.8, the 12-40/2.8 and the 40-150/2.8 I’d already get a 5DS and maybe the new nifty fifty. Wouldn’t that be a better alternative? Just keeping the small and light Olympus lenses and having one ultra-high resolution Canon with one single standard lens?

Well, no 🙂

Some of the sample images at the link above are horrible. Why? They have been taken wide open, and wide open the new 50/1.8 seems to suck. The Sigma 50/1.4 Art would be a much better and much more expensive option, but then, most of the images that I do like from that sample set, have been taken at f11. Why? That’s the DOF penalty of the larger sensor. You can take some images with incredibly shallow DOF and some of them I couldn’t take. No way. The problem is, most of the time I like everything to be in focus. In order to do that, well, f11 is the way to go.

F11 on a camera without image stabilization? Really? Honestly, I’ve used it on a stabilized 18-200 with my Nikon D300, and I already hated how it forced me to push ISO.

Of course the real reason why I must not buy that Canon camera is, that I am an uncurable junkie. Do you really believe I could resist buying one lens after the other? Do I believe it? Hell, no! I’ve been through that with Nikon, I’ve already a lot more lenses for Micro Four Thirds than I’ll ever need, and there are still a few that I’d like to have and quite likely will buy one day. The Canon lens lineup honestly makes me shudder 😛

It also wouldn’t make sense for me to have more than one camera. I’ve tried it, but I never used the second one. In reality it’s not even sensible to keep my Nikon D300 around as a backup. I should sell it and, in case I really need a backup because the E-M1 is in repair, buy a cheap Olympus or Panasonic, use it a few days and then sell it on.

But still, and now without envy, boy is that resolution of the Canon 5DS impressive 😀

The Song of the Day is “Dappled Light” by Murdo McRae. Hear it on YouTube as the soundtrack to some travel video.

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  1. Yes. GAS is a sickness! I am sick myself!

    Hang on, keep going, your daily pictures are motivating me. And after some months and the first shock about size, weight and – yes – the price, I am loving already the 40-150 2.8.

    Best regards


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