3135 – 1950

You’ve seen these houses a few times and even the blossoming trees were featured slightly more than a week ago in “3127 – Spring Street I“. I don’t know exactly when these houses were built, but for me they have a distinctly 1950s charme.

What that is? Well, actually hard to tell. It’s that sane and safe world of the US movies of that time, movies that were made at a time when the US fought a war in Korea and children in schools were told how to “duck and cover” in case of an atomic war.

Crazy, huh? But that’s how it is. I was born in 1964. The 1950s were well before my time. I know them only from movies that we can see now as full of propaganda and wishful thinking. It was a time determined by a witch-hunt for communists, a time full of crazy paranoia. Doesn’t make a difference though. It’s what I learned to see as the peaceful Good Times. And – to be fair – for many people it was just that.

The Song of the Day is “1950” by Amedeo Minghi. Hear it on YouTube.

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    1. Well, I’m not and I’ve only heard about it in a documentary on TV. It felt completely alien to me and largely out of line with what I believed to know about that time 🙂

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