3025 – Our God Is In Control

Steven Curtis Chapman is another one of these “Contemporary Christian” artists.

I have been aware of the phenomenon, but I have no idea how widespread this is.

When I grew up, I was a Roman Catholic. Well, not exactly my choice, but at the age of a few days, you’re not in a position to make choices.

During my first school years I liked religious education for the stories. I always liked stories. Later I had a teacher who was nice but neither charismatic nor in control, but when I finally went to a technical school, I had the most charismatic teacher one could imagine. We talked about art and literature, Sartre and Camus, and although this was nourishment for my soul in an environment outright hostile to art and philosophy, he did not make me believe any more than his predecessors had managed to.

I finally left the church during my university years. I didn’t do it for the money (as so many do), but because it was just overdue. It felt wrong to be counted with a group that I didn’t belong to. It felt good to be in a position to be able to criticize without feeling hypocritical. Severing the withered cord was the natural thing to do.

Many people around me did the same thing, many did not, but the few who openly declared to be believers (which I have respect for), were seen as positively weird outliers.

So now: what is it today? Are 33 Miles or Steven Curtis Chapman artists known outside the weird fringe? Do they appeal to the masses? And if so, why? I know, a lot of people think that hopey changey thing didn’t work out so well (though not for the reasons they claim), but what exactly is the attraction of hope without change?

By the way, here’s the song on YouTube.