3009 – Stone Walls I

Am I Charlie? Am I not? And if one or the other, why?

Viktor Orbán, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Mariano Rajoy, David Cameron and so many other enemies of the free press celebrate the horrible events in Paris: finally the way into even more surveillance seems to be paved, the stupid people seem to be willing to consent to give up any right to dissent.

I suppose this is no inside job. 9/11 may have been, this one probably not. There’s no difference though. If we let the enemies of freedom win, freedom may be lost for a generation or a few dozen.

Je Suis Charlie? Je ne suis Charlie? It won’t make a difference. Charlie has been occupied. The dead have died in vain.

The Song of the Day, without any reference to the text, is “Stone Walls” by Three Tall Pines. Hear it on YouTube. We’ll have more of that 🙂