2990 – Big Mistake

Vienna has a new central railway station that has been built for a few years. Regional trains have been using it for almost a year and since last week the intercity trains from north, east and south also originate and terminate there. Only west-bound trains still use Westbahnhof for another year.

When I commuted to Carinthia last week, I arrived with a regional train and changed to the out-bound intercity. I had to walk only a few steps and my impression was that of a rather small station.

That’s also what I told the taxi driver in Villach, when he said he had heard the station was one of the biggest in Europe. Nonsense I said. Maybe there’s more of it underground, but in fact it’s rather small!

Well, what a big mistake 🙂

Arriving back in Vienna I had to change to another connection leaving from a platform … somewhere … far, far away. Really, that railway station is mostly an underground affair and I have no idea of the actual layout. What I took for the whole station a few days ago turned out to be at most the tip of the iceberg 😀

The Song of the Day is “Big Mistake” by Natalie Imbruglia. Hear it on YouTube.