Dec 102014

It’s not only Flickr that I spend less time with. I recently found that I run out of excuses. I’ve spent a whole year exploring new programming languages, methods and tools. I’ve bought my new Mac because I found that the old laptop just was not fast enough for programming (although it was perfectly fine for Photoshop and Lightroom). The only thing that I didn’t was sit down and begin.

A few days ago I did 🙂

As a consequence I may spend less time photographing, much less time “socializing” online, and I will try to put at least an hour a day into my private programming project. It’s not the music tracking software that I wrote about on this blog, it’s not a continuation of what I tried on, it’s more like what I originally envisioned creating when I started my long neglected programming blog. I don’t mean my Java EE tutorial either, I mean the idea to use design patterns and model-based design to raise programming to a new level. Which sounds perfectly like marketing blurb 🙂

Just wait and see. I may get somewhere and then I’ll let you know.

The Song of the Day is “Chasing Rubies” by Hudson Taylor. Hear it on YouTube.

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