2943 – Warmth Of The Sun

It’s cold while I write this and colder when you finally read it (unless you’re a certain guy in Australia), but this was the end of one of the last warm days. I went down to Donaukanal, a channel once built to bring goods from river Danube into the city. This is a place where lots of people enjoy the sun during summer. Even in October you get a feeling for it, especially in this fading light, when people take in the last warmth of the sun.

“Warmth Of The Sun” by the Beach Boys is the Song of The Day. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2943 – Warmth Of The Sun”

  1. Beautiful light Andreas. Over here, the light has already turned harsh, with Summer seemingly arriving early. Our day time temperatures are already around 30ÂșC and it’s extremely dry. Not a good combination due to the likelihood of bushfires.
    This photo fascinates me in that there is no fence on top of the wall. Here, something like this would have not only a high fence but also a myriad signs warning people of the danger which would render the scene completely ugly. I guess the government over here wants to keep all the idiots in the gene pool by keeping them safe from themselves.

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