2918 – Pack Your Memories

I’ve got my camera back. It took exactly two weeks, they have replaced the top plate and now everything is good as new. You may remember, the back wheel, normally shutter speed in manual mode or exposure compensation in A and S, had become extremely unresponsive. It is a problem that seemingly quite a few OM-D E-M1 expose after a while. At least you read about it on Flickr and in other forums, but then, people tend to get vocal when they’ve got a problem, while almost nobody praises, that things work as expected. Thus I have no idea how frequent the problem really is. Anyway, I got bitten by it and now it does not hurt any more 🙂

I didn’t even need to resort to posting images taken with my two backup cameras, the Nikon D300 and the Panasonic LX5. Actually I didn’t make that many either. The D300 felt outright alien in my hands. It is heavy, lacks live view and I just didn’t get into the mood with it.

The LX5 was better. Using it was pretty fun, although the resolution (7.5 megapixel in square ratio) is a tad low and the dynamic range does not give you much leeway. You either nail the shot or it’s blown.

All in all I felt uninspired during the two weeks, and when I finally got the Olympus back, it was a tremendous relief.

This image is from a pawn shop window in Vienna and the Song of the Day is “Pack Your Memories” by Vaya Con Dios. Hear it on YouTube.