2915 – Scala Naturae

Here’s another detail from Vienna’s “Haas Haus”. This is the other side of the building, and I admit, I’ve pushed colors and contrast quite a lot to get the image to the point where I wanted it to be. When you stand there and just look at the stone, the reflection of the church is much less prominent. On the other hand, image making is not only about framing, it is also about dreaming up different worlds. This one certainly looked better to me 😀

The Song of the Day is “Scala Naturae” by a band called The Collection. I had never heard of them and searching on Spotify yielded this song from their album “Ars Moriendi”. The album was funded on Kickstarter. I absolutely love the breadth and variety of its music and styles and I’m quite excited by this discovery. Hear the song on YouTube.