2905 – Disko Partizani

I love taking things out of context, but then, that’s what photography is all about, right? The frame creates a context, ties together things that were never related, excludes what never has been excluded, and that’s how we create, even if we only pick from what’s already there.

The text is a fragment from a poster advertising for a discount shop, “Diskont” in German. This is another indicator for the convergence of languages: in the 1970s “Disko” was used in German for the music and fashion phenomenon known as “Disco”. The letter “K” was the natural consonant representing the English “C” and the German spelling did positively “look correct”. This was then and now is now. Today “Disko” looks weird and would normally be associated with eastern Europe.

Apropos easern Europe: The Song of the Day is “Disko Partizani” by Shantel. Hear it on YouTube.