2904 – The Fortress

Have you seen “Elysium”? That Science Fiction movie with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster? In an interview with Neill Blomkamp, the director, in The Telegraph, he says “Elysium isn’t science fiction. It’s now“.

And that’s right. For all those people from Africa who drown in the Mediterranean (according to the International Organisation for Migration a horrifying number of 3,072 so far this year), Europe is Elysium, a shiny place of health and welfare. This image reminded me of what it must look like to be down in the moat, under the walls of the fortress, without hope ever to climb the walls. It’s not a convenient thought. Really, we have not earned the position we’re in. We’re only lucky to have been born where we’ve been.

The Song of the Day is “The Fortress” by Jackson Dyer. Hear it on YouTube.

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