2901 – It’s Magic

Hmm … ok, so blogs have gone out of fashion. The interesting thing is, that blogs cater to a specificneed for communication. A YouTube channel or a Facebook page, they have completely different patterns of update and of interaction. I wonder what kind of medium fulfills this role in today’s Internet?

And then there is the sort of blog where interaction still happens. Paul Lester comes to my mind. I mean, Paul is just an extraordinarily nice guy – and he is a communicator. I’m not ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, as I said, I won’t stop blogging. I’m just wondering ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s an image seen while walking through Villach on a sunny day. Triumph is one of the big old manufacturers of underwear around here and the “magic” advertised in the window is something about no wires. Well, whatever, but I found it funny to see the word magic in the same context as these “mannequins”, magically reduced to a bare minimum.

The Song of the Day is “It’s Magic” by Doris Day. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2901 – It’s Magic”

  1. Since your previous post I have tried to find some statistics on this subject but I have come up empty handed so far. I haven’t found anything recent or directly relevant.
    As you say, blogs cater to a specific communications need. I find that the exchanges on the blogs I follow (including Paul’s), even on my own, to be far more engaging than anything I find on Facebook or YouTube. Even Flickr, I dare say. But perhaps that’s only because on these blogs, it is quite often the same small group of people who communicate and exchange ideas and thoughts.
    Anyway, I’m glad to know you’ll keep blogging. Rest assured, I’ll keep reading. And looking. And listening ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well, it seems that if there is a choice between reading a blog or watching a video, blog always loses, at least with the younger generation.

    Maybe showing vs. writing is a factor in this. If a thing can be shown in a video, why write about it? In addition, I have a feeling that perhaps the younger brains are being wired differently nowadays.

    However, it may be that this same thing is happening with the older people as well, only slower. We are turning into video-devouring creatures.

    There is some related discussion going on regarding teaching in schools here in Finland. Namely, the use of games, videos, acting etc. as an alternative to reading a book as a method of teaching. It is said that you learn better when you are engaged in an immersive experience – I guess reading and writing is not such a thing.

    For some reason, I’m sceptic, but that may be due to my age group.

    Anyway, I guess there are quite different views of the world depending on media consumption patterns. As an example, I don’t watch tv, and this sometimes poses problems because I don’t know the “celebrities” that pop up in smalltalk these days.

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